“When spiders unite, they can tie up a lion.”  ~ African proverb

We have worked with many talented, brilliant, fun people over the years. Listed below are those with whom we have current working relationships and friendships.

Jim Hall

Jim-HallJim Hall, longtime member of Rolling Ridge Study Retreat, lives at the Dayspring Retreat Center in suburban Washington, DC, where for the past 25 years he has been leading retreats, classes and outings on the land linking faith and ecology, and exploring ways of living more simply, justly and in harmony with the Earth. He also serves on the advisory board of the Center for Spirituality in Nature, a DC-based consortium offering relaxed and engaging experiences in nature.

Jim and Julie have been collaborating on Restorying retreats since spring of 2013.

Jack Ricchiuto

JackRJack Ricchiuto’s writing and facilitation helps people to engage a range of topics: collaboration, storytelling, leadership, community building, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, meaning, happiness and resilience. He has worked in over two dozen industry sectors with hundreds of organizations and communities across the US and globally. Past clients include NASA, Chrysler, FedEx, Federal Reserve Bank, Smithers Oasis, US EPA, Red Cross, AT&T, Catholic Charities, Moen, University of North Texas, University Hospitals, American Greetings, USDA, Smuckers and leaders from several urban and rural communities.

Jack has an undergraduate degree in clinical psychology and graduate degree in positive psychology. His workshops are energizing, fun, highly interactive and informative. Participants take away immediately applicable new skillsets and mindsets. Julie and Jack are collaborating on workshops and retreats focused on storytelling.

Vivian Campagna

Vivian_cropVivian Campagna deeply, even fiercely, committed to living yoga as a sacred path of awareness, healing and wholeness. Vivian’s sharp knowledge of biomechanics, movement technique and artistry emerge from a lifetime of dedicated studentship. Described by students as spiritually integrated and intensely present, Vivian is known for skillfully weaving creative sequences that positively shift body and soul.

Vivian brings yoga asana and traditional storytelling to Restorying retreats.

Greenbuilders, Inc. 

Greenbuilders, Inc. was established in 2004, by Polly Bart, PhD.  Their crew includes more than fifty highly specialized subcontractors, ranging from lathe turners to drywall finishers to stone masons.

Greenbuilders, Inc. mission is to change the building industry and help consumers realize their dreams of beautiful, unique, affordable green construction projects.

Dr. Polly Bart graduated from Harvard University and received her PhD in city planning from the University of California at Berkeley in 1979.  Since 1988 she has been a full time general contractor with specialties in historic preservation and greenbuilding.

We have worked on many projects with Greenbuilders, including the Boyce Ave project, nine other residential projects and several green workshops.

Revolution Design Works

Joe Archibald is an architect and cabinetmaker, and founded RDW in 1999. He has an eye for detail and a gift for integrating form and function.

Joe received his BA in Architecture from UNC Charlotte in 1994. He has over 20 years’ experience in all phases of residential design & construction from framing to custom architectural woodworking. He is a licensed North Carolina Residential General Contractor and licensed Maryland and Colorado architect.

We worked with Joe on the Boyce Ave project. He is a superb collaborator because he listens well and strives to meet the client’s needs while staying true to the project vision.

Stack Strategy

Stack Strategy provides organizational development consulting services based in the art and science of sustainability. They specialize in the people side of sustainability. Owner Geoff Stack brings clarity, consciousness and collaboration to every client engagement and provides the flexible structures, new insights and ongoing support that clients need to reach their intended sustainability goals.

We have worked with Geoff Stack on strategic sustainability projects, including the Great Kids Farm, EMO Energy Group, and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Sage Energy

Founder Geri Nicholson has 20 years of experience in the fields of energy, resource economics, and global climate change. Prior to founding Sage Energy, Geri served as Director and Deputy Director of the Maryland Energy Administration. Sage Energy specializes in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that substantially improve the environment and bottom line for their clients.

We have worked with Sage on Howard Community College’s Climate Action Plan; River Hill and Garrett County, MD Community Action Committee providing Green Communities planning and certification; Montgomery County, MD developing finance programs and commercial building efficiency programs and guidelines for their Climate Protection Plan implementation; and the State of Maryland assisting with energy procurement to meet carbon reduction goals.