What We Do

 “When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

We Provide

    • Architectural design for renovation, additions, and new construction. We have designed houses, churches, farmer’s markets, apartment buildings, and college classrooms.
    • Design consults for small renovations and remodels. A low-cost way to explore options and determine next steps.
    • Community engagement for sustainability. We have worked with churches, businesses, and colleges.
    • Sustainability assessments.
    • Online programs.
    • Workshops, public speaking and teaching.

How We Do It

From architectural design to community engagement for sustainability, we work with our clients to help them:

Uncover the stories. It’s been said, “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” We help our clients understand the stories they’ve been operating with and imagine new stories that want to emerge. This engages the project team effectively and saves a tremendous amount of time.

Foster collaboration, instead of authoritarian, top-down directives. The power of shared stories allows people to experience and act from interconnectedness. In a culture of respect and cooperation, we nurture and harvest the best ideas from everyone.

Use the whole brain. We integrate science and poetry, rational and intuitional, linear and cyclical, directed and creative. Instead of relying on dry, 10-things-to-do lists, we use metaphor, story, quotes, images, and other non-linear forms of expression. The resulting leaps of insight will propel projects forward more quickly.

Think like an architect. It’s all in the design. We ask juicy questions to cultivate possibility. When we consider multiple ideas within a structured framework, we find the best solutions.

Enroll Nature as a mentor. When facing a tough design problem, we ask, what would Nature do? Aligning design with the cycles and laws of nature is smart, practical, efficient, beautiful and profitable.