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 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  ~ African proverb

Foster collaboration and innovation in your organization

We have worked with communities as diverse as cities, colleges, universities, businesses, nonprofits, churches, and individuals on Strategic Retreats, ReStorying Retreats, Sustainability Initiatives, Climate Action Plans, Green Building Charrettes, topical conferences, lecture series and online programs and coaching. We are meticulous planners and not afraid to improvise in the moment, when needed. We love it when people light up with a new discovery or a different way of seeing their world.

“Julie was terrific to work with as the facilitator for the Baltimore Sustainability Commission retreat. As always, you get so much more from Julie than just facilitation. Her preparation was extensive, and her deep knowledge of the subject matter contributed to both the content and process of the day. She was also able draw from her extensive reading on the systems aspects of sustainability, which enabled us to step back from our Baltimore work and understand what we were trying to do in a broader context. Our retreat was successful thanks to Julie’s thoughtful guidance.”
~  Cheryl Casciani, Chair, Baltimore Commission on Sustainability

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“Julie’s holistic vision is grounded in years of experience in the world of green design and business. She has a deep appreciation for the balance between the worlds of inspiration and function, and a systematic process that allowed us to get right into effective action.”
~  Sue Berman, Executive Director, The Institute for Integrative Health

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Custom immersions

Contact us to collaborate with you to design a full immersion experience for your group or community.We can team with our colleagues, who bring their own unique gifts and strengths, to include leadership development, team building, yoga, storytelling, and outdoor exploration. We will be adding a visual arts component soon and have our eye on improv games as well.

“I appreciated the preparation and thoroughness you put into each session and the variety of approaches you used during each session. I especially loved the stories you used to illustrate some of your points. You did a great job and your passion and belief comes through strong and clear.” ~  S.F., online program participant