“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Design consults


You’ve lived in your house for years, love the neighborhood, but your family seems to have outgrown it.

Your needs have changed, but your house has not.

You are ready to build your dream kitchen or master bath.

Our Design Consults are a low-cost way to explore options for your project. Learn more.


We make order out of disorder

Creating something from nothing is fun! You supply your needs, dreams, schedule and budget. We play with all the variables until patterns start to emerge. We move back and forth between the possible and the practical, between vision and reality. Every variable plays a role, whether it’s down-to-earth financial or purely emotional.

 We translate and interpret

Project teams are often widely diverse, a Tower of Babel of different values, sensibilities, expertise, and even languages (engineers, code officials, contractors). Drawings and models provide a shared language to facilitate everyone’s input. We use diagrams and sketches to simplify concepts and manage complexity.

We imagine and study so the builder can build

Frank Lloyd Wright said the eraser is the architect’s favorite tool in the drafting room; in the  field, it’s the sledgehammer. We aim to do all the erasing in the drafting room, so the builder can leave his sledgehammer in the truck.

“Great art doesn’t follow a need. It creates a need.” ~ Louis I. Kahn


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