Graphic Recording

A visual way to capture highlights of meetings . . . and . . .

  • Engage participants
  • Capture and focus attention
  • Enhance memory  through visual learning
  • Distill ideas to their essence
  • Make abstract concepts tangible
  • Reveal hidden patterns
  • Tap the power of being listened to and heard
  • Create shared understanding
  • Enjoy a bit of whimsy

Recent examples

Baltimore Center for Green Careers asked me to collaborate on a series of three storyboards depicting the magic of their approach to job training and social enterprise. This is the center panel showing the on-the-job training their graduates receive, giving them a leg up for full employment.

On the job training




4.2.15_graphic notes_620w


Breaking Through_620w3.26.15_Meeting sketchnotes_620w3.17.15_620w3.12.15_meeting_620w