“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”  ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Julie Gabrielli brings over twenty years’ experience to her talks and workshops. With provocative questions and inspiring examples, she tackles the assumptions of our modern industrial culture and brings audiences to new insights about the challenges we face, culturally, socially and environmentally. Julie leaves people with renewed optimism about the future, as well as information and tools to take action.


Julie has presented on dozens of topics, often customized to the audience and/or the client’s needs. She can do short talks,  panel discussions, and workshops from three hours to all day. Her current topics are listed here and details can be provided on request. If you have an idea or a request, please contact us.

Events & places

Julie has shared her enthusiasm for green design and building with thousands of people over the last 20 years, including universities, academic conferences, industry trade groups, corporations, and community organizations. Here is a small sampling. Please contact us for a full resume.

  • HalfMoon LLC Seminars
  • Congressional Quarterly panelist
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Maryland
  • Johns Hopkins University:  Evergreen House, Garrett Lecture on Urban Issues; Odyssey Program; Department of Facilities Planning; Peabody Institute of Music
  • Harvard University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Goucher College
  • Preservation Maryland Annual Conference
  • Maryland Green Building Conference
  • Greening the Campus, Ball State University
  • Greenbuild
  • Baltimore Bioneers
  • Ignite Baltimore
  • ULI Washington’s annual Urban Marketplace Conference and Expo
  • Shaping the Sustainable Millenium Conference, Brisbane, Australia
  • PHH Fleet
  • SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
  • SVN (Social Venture Network)
  • NAOIP (National Association of Office and Industrial Properties)
  • ULI (Urban Land Institute)
  • JCC (Jewish Community Center)
  • AIMS (Association of Independent Maryland Schools)
  • CNHED (Coalition for Non-profit Housing and Economic Development)
  • BCAN (Baltimore Climate Action Network)

Sample talks

Slides from Ecoblueprint telecourse and other talks

The buzz

“Julie has a way of looking at the world with wonder and appreciation. Rather than the gloom and doom of environmental damage, Julie sees possibility, tied to effective, beneficial action.”  Peter Bruun, artist and past director, Art on Purpose

“Julie’s holistic vision is grounded in years of experience in the world of green design and business. She has a deep appreciation for the balance between the worlds of inspiration and function, and a systematic process that allowed us to get right into effective action.”  Sue Berman, Executive Director, The Institute for Integrative Health

“The interdisciplinary nature of her work is testament to its relevance for people of all disciplines. Her presentation was clear, compelling, beautifully illustrated, and she is an expert in this field. She made is clear that in these strange times we’re all in it together. She has a lovely personal touch, extremely pleasant person, highly professional.”  Victor B. Fisher, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Towson University

“Julie’s enthusiasm and positive outlook turns problems and challenges into opportunities.  She has increased my own interest and passion for sustainability as well as help shape the path of my career.”  Brittany Williams, MTFA Architecture; faculty advisor for University of Maryland’s 2011 Solar Decathlon winner

This one is on the philosophical side. The first few slides are silent; the talking starts at 40 sec. into it.